Coach John Mosley

Featured in Netflix's Last Chance U: Basketball

Meet John Mosley

John Mosley Jr is the the men's basketball head coach at East Los Angeles College, which was recently featured on Netflix's Last Chance U.

He is full-time faculty member for the Kinesiology Department and work with The Male Leadership Academy at ELAC, a program that supports the vision of underrepresented Men of Color and supports their success at the Community College.

Coach Mosley has found success on and off the court, winning at basketball and helping young men reach their potential.

Coach John Mosley sitting in the first row of arena bleachers

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A Mission Trip Changed TMU Basketball Player John Mosley's Life

John Mosley expected a life-changing experience when he visited Brazil in the summer of 1996. Just not one quite like this.

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John Mosley, men’s basketball coach at East Los Angeles College, inspires students in Alhambra

A terrific motivator to be sure, Mosley and his team were featured on the Netflix documentary 'Last Chance U: Basketball'.

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‘Last Chance U: Basketball': How ELAC Coach John Mosley’s Pastor Persuaded Him to Do Netflix Show

And why Greg Whiteley’s cameras were absolutely no big deal for the East Los Angeles man of faith.

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Coach John Mosley Says Last Chance U Left Out His Favorite Moment of the Season

We talked to Huskies coach about Joe Hampton, Deshaun Highler, and the ending to his season he didn't see coming.

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